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About Us

The Centre brings together world-leading researchers from within the School of Medicine and from across the University to undertake discovery and translational research – based on genetics and genomics, but increasingly moving into clinical and basic neurosciences – to understand the major causes of mental illness.


  • July 2014
    • The Academy of Medical Sciences Cardiff University8th July 2014Two University experts have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to medical science by becoming Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Baroness Ilora Finlay and Professor Julie Williams have been elected Academy Fellows.
  • June 2014
    • Intellectual disability in children Cardiff University23rd June 2014University scientists are set to examine an untapped source of genetic information in a bid to better understand and treat children with intellectual disability.


Contact the Centre

The Centre is based at the Hadyn Ellis Building on Maindy Road as part of Cardiff University School Of Medicine

Focus on… Genomic Minds